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Animation, motion pictures created by recording a series of still images—drawings, objects, or people in various positions of incremental movement—that when played back no longer appear individually as static images but combine to produce the illusion of unbroken motion. The term animation applies to creations on film, video, or computers, and even to motion toys, which usually consist of a series of drawings or photographs on paper that are viewed with a mechanical device or by flipping through a hand-held sequence of images (for example, a pad of paper can be used to create an animated flipbook of drawings). The term cartoon is sometimes used to describe short animated works (under ten minutes) that are humorous in nature.


Furniss, Maureen, B.., M.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Film an Television, Chapman University. Publisher/Editor, "Animation Journal".

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static images, motion pictures, film, people, nature, computers, video, example, minutes, creations, photographs, objects

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