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mythical king, Britons, Camelot, Round Table, foreigners

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Arthur, mythical king of the Britons in ancient times, and the major figure in Arthurian legend. According to legend, Arthur expelled foreigners from Britain, brought peace to the country, and established a kingdom based on justice, law, and morality. He held court at his castle at Camelot and instituted an order known as the knights of the Round Table. Eventually his realm crumbled, and his illegitimate son Mordred grievously wounded him in battle. Many versions of Arthurian legend say that Arthur will someday return, when he is again needed by Britain.


Lacy, Norris J., A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of French, The Pennsylvania State University. Editor of "The New Arthurian Encyclopedia". Honorary President, International Arthurian Society.

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mythical king, Britons, Camelot, Round Table, foreigners, ancient times, justice, realm, castle, battle, peace, knights, Britain, kingdom, law, country, court, order

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