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Iranian Art and Architecture

Iranian Art, Persian culture, Persians, Iranians, inhabitants

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Iranian Art and Architecture, the visual arts of Iran. Although in the West this has been traditionally known as Persian culture, the inhabitants of the country have long called it Iran and themselves Iranians, rather than Persians. In accordance with popular usage, however, the term Persian will be used in this article to refer to the period before the advent of Islam in the 7th century ad—that is, the period of the ancient Persian empires—as well as the preceding prehistoric times.


Dyson, Robert H., Jr., Ph.D.

Professor of Anthropology and Curator, Near Eastern Section, University Museum, University of Pensylvania. Coauthor of "Ancient Iran".

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Iranian Art, Persian culture, Persians, Iranians, inhabitants, Architecture, West, period, country, accordance, article

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